We are late comers to the art of writing.  Ten years ago I read a book titled Anyone Can Write; however, I found I had no luck with pencil and paper,  but when I sat at a computer, I could put things together. Even my husband was surprised at what I wrote.  

   For many years my husband had a problem with depression, and we finally realized he was suffering mild PTSD.  I was an RN and read that writing could be therapeutic.


    I joined a writers group and began to write about our life in Paraguay.  The outline included chapters he needed to write to go with mine.  He finally joined the group, and life has gotten much better.  He is now an author; writing has dispelled the depression and has given him a reason to live.


    Rayner Adventures memoir, Foreign Service Family Style, was self-published in February 2015.  The first of Rayner Adventures novels, Taurus, Taurus, Taurus, was published in May 2016, and  Outskirts Press published Operation Pinata in 1917.  A third novel is underway.